Roswell Roadwork Alert

February 8, 2009 by  

Finally, the nutty intersection where Crabapple and Hardscrabble Roads meet is being improved!  All Roswell (and some Alpharetta) residents are aware of this intersection.  If you ever had plans of cutting across Hardscrabble from Highway 92 to Northern Roswell, you’re well aware of this juncture.  I’m sure you’ve either sat patiently waiting for all the north/south traffic on Crabapple to clear in order for you to dash across the intersection, all the while hoping that someone turning left off of Rucker hasn’t decided to ‘surprise’ you with accelerating their speed.  Or try not to get frustrated while waiting and noticing that part of the problem is that those drivers who are turning right on Hardscrabble from Rucker aren’t making their intentions clear by using their blinker.  I’ve often counted to pass the time.  I’ve consistently found that it’s a 30% chance that someone who has felt the plight of those in the long line waiting to cross actually uses their signal.

The roadwork starts this Monday, February 9th and is expected to be complete by the end of the month.  The new project includes a new traffic light (hallelujah!), modified road realignment at the intersection, improved landscaping with a grass divider and crosswalks with countdown pedestrian crossing signals across Crabapple Road.

It’s another good day in Roswell people!

About the Author: Pam Salls is a full time licensed Realtor in the state of Georgia with Atlanta Communities. Pam's exceptional customer service, attention to detail and knowledge of Roswell will help you achieve your goals of either buying or selling any of Roswell's prime properties.


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